I had much more success with the OneReceipt Web-based service. The beauty is that you can use it to import email receipts from Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts. OneReceipt breaks down each item on your receipt, and you can add tags. To use OneReceipt, you simply have to sign up and link an e-mail account to the service. The site will then begin scanning your e-mail account for receipts, and eventually it will present you with an elegant display of your purchases.

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  • If you enable location service for the app, there will be an option for you to pick the name of the merchant from a dropdown menu.
  • Since the Samuel Fine One Receipt Corp is part of a ‘family’ (which BTW is filed as tax exempt (Form 990)) of companies you no longer have insight into the details.

If you enable location service for the app, there will be an option for you to pick the name of the merchant from a dropdown menu. When you sign up for a free OneReceipt account, you get to store your receipts in the cloud and access them from the web on the OneReceipt app. This service is technically still in beta, but it’s off to a great start. You will also be given an @onereceipt.com email address for you to forward receipts that were sent to a different email account than your Gmail.

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For physical receipts, you need to take a photo with your phone and e-mail it to your OneReceipt e-mail address (dedicated mobile apps are on the way). OneReceipt works by first connecting to your email accounts to pull any receipts it can find. (Currently only Gmail and Yahoo! are supported.) It’ll take some time to process, but you can see the results as it builds them. You’ll get an overview of all your purchases that you can browse in chronological order, filter on a variety of criteria, and search.


Online retail always surges around the holidays, and with the frantic purchasing of gifts come the inevitable deluge of email receipts. After a receipt has been added to OneReceipt, you can categorize and tag it so that it’s easily searchable. OneReceipt will also create spending summaries that you can view on the web that breaks down your monthly spending amounts by totals and category. The service was in beta until a couple days ago but is now free and open to the public. The idea behind OneReceipt goes back a few years where we looked for a way to manage our purchases more effectively. Back then it was a combination of manually scanning receipts, creating folders and trying to find information in an overloaded email inbox.

OneReceipt is a faster and simpler way for people to organize their receipts and analyze their spending habits. OneReceipt works directly with Gmail / Google Apps to automatically understand e-receipts. Registration is quick and accounts get synced automatically. For paper receipts, users need to take a picture with their phone and email it to their personal @onereceipt.com address.

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There’s no information on when the bargain ends though, so if you think this is the perfect gaming laptop for you, you need to move fast with your purchase. With https://kelleysbookkeeping.com/ for iOS you can automatically or manually compile your paper and electronic receipts on your iPhone. However, this app isn’t well optimized, so it has terrible processing speeds. Now, to which extent this is different from visiting a site that serves ads or uses your browsing history to analyze user behavior, or an aggregate banking serve like Mint is another matter.

After you setup a onereceipt account, you can use your iPhone camera to capture images of paper receipts. The app connects, transfers the receipts to OneReceipt servers and translates them into new entries. You’re supposed be able to view and sort receipts in the app or using the OneReceipt website. OneReceipt is a hub for every receipt in your life, whether it’s in your email account, saved as a PDF, or in paper form. It’ll help you track them all easily and with the minimal amount of effort, making it simple to both keep and analyze a comprehensive purchase history.


Rival Lemon also tracks email receipts, and has a nifty smartphone app that allows users to snap photos of their paper receipts before tossing them in the trash. Eric Schmidt-backed Slice also tracks receipts by connecting to email accounts, but focuses less on financial transparency and more on product logistics. Shopping online has become part of the norm for holiday gifts, personal purchases, and getting great deals on items that would no doubt cost more from a brick-and-mortar store. Most of those online purchases are quickly followed by a receipt that shows up in your email inbox, but how often do you actually look at those or take the time to organize them? New online service OneReceipt is aiming to change that and give users a simple and easy way to look back at all of their receipts from online purchases in a clean visual format.

I took pictures of three different receipts, however, and the app (version 2.1.1) wasn’t able to save any of them. I was simply told that the OneReceipt servers were still “processing,” even hours after I snapped the picture. The receipts weren’t unusual, either; one was a perfectly-legible department store receipt with just a few items, photographed in ideal lighting conditions. Join us on our fight to eliminate the wasteful paper receipt. As a receipt management app, you can say that OneReceipt is well-intentioned but poorly implemented. Until the receipt processing problem gets fixed, we recommend that you try one of the many other apps for managing receipts available in the App Store.