She regulation Denji which have promises out of a romantic and you can sexual matchmaking when you are intimidating him that have extermination in the event that the guy disobeys their unique

5. Himeno

Himeno try found as the a mature and you can knowledgeable far better than the latest new recruits who work with her. Overall, she carries by herself that have hopeful gestures which is able to be patient in really stressful issues, like the early stage out of their own group’s battle resistant to the Eternity Demon. Himeno motivated Denji by providing your a french kiss, implying you to she’s at the very least a little perceptive of those as much as their unique and you may she is happy to capture unorthodox methods to guarantee the absolute best results from him. Himeno is tavata kauniita EtelГ¤-Afrikka-naisia, jotka haluavat miehiГ¤ been shown to be quite effective and you can forceful in her obligations as the a devil Slayer. She responded to a small and relatively insignificant Devil nearly immediately using her Phantom Demon so you’re able to overpower they. She’s been shown having a harsher top and you will a good lowest tolerance having conclusion away from the brand new recruits who does compromise or spoil their subordinates, because she punctually kicked Kobeni aside if the latter attempted to stab Denji. Himeno is actually been shown to be quite a compassionate and you can empathetic people. She cares to your better-becoming off their own teammates, since evidenced from the their own strong focus to not ever betray Denji while in the its earliest goal together. Inside the a short flashback world, Himeno was shown to be very patient and you will open-minded of these suffering when an other ex lover-girlfriend passed away, and slapped their unique inside sadness.

4. Reze

Reze, also known as Woman Reze was a hybrid just who matched having new Bomb Devil. She’s an ally of your Firearm Demon in fact it is the new main antagonist of your own Bomb Girl Arc. 1st, Reze is apparently a type and you may soft girl who may have an excellent break toward Denji shortly after fulfilling your. She humor within their laughs and isn’t really frightened to locate close and you will personal with your. She suggests nothing esteem with the proprietor of your own cafe she work during the, getting in touch with your stingy when planning on taking her income. Their true identity is pushy and you can intense, due to the fact she is found killing many Demon Seekers instead worry or mercy. However, she does not delight in killing and prefers to avoid it, until it is necessary to possess their particular objective.

step 3. Quanxi

Quanxi is actually calm and stoic, unashamed to discuss company during bed together with her harem of demons, indicating little feelings though their own relatives fawn more than their own. However, she cares deeply from the their own family members, very their only request reward is because they be given people rights and you will an elementary knowledge, rather than attack them even with they have been turned into dolls at the cost of her security. Quanxi is actually ruthlessly pragmatic within the treat, preferring in order to place their own opponents from the battlefield so you can effortlessly lose their wide variety and you will dump disruptions on top of that, just after are thrown into the heck, she instantly expected good ceasefire when you look at the hostilities to choose your situation. That it alliance proceeded up until the time the newest issues was consisted of, from which point she instantaneously assaulted once again. Even when her periods is actually swift and you may raw, she appears to like to get off live those people who are maybe not her target, as the she showcased when she knocked-out Aki and you can Demon Angel and you can open to free Power’s existence. Quanxi seems to have a history in the office, with Santa claus writing on their unique as the “Basic Demon Slayer”. So it tip try reinforced because of the their particular conversation that have Kishibe, and therefore hinted within a last friendship between them.

2. Makima

Makima is a good girl which have a serious but at the same date calm identity, which is denoted when she explains the modern problem inside the a good slow and you will orderly style, without having to be happy. She’s always viewed maintaining a good sympathetic sky, at the very least that have Denji as he settles into the. In addition, she actually is really educated and you will manipulative. While you are their own needs are currently unfamiliar along with her allegiance so you’re able to mankind can be a bit not clear, it is obvious one to she wants way more stamina and can perform almost anything to have it. The woman is questionable and you will willing to compromise brand new life away from other people and you may damage simple individuals if this masters their particular. Makima try a severe enthusiast off Chainsaw Man, new “champion regarding heck”. Fascinated by her power to remove the embodied thought of a good demon whenever she eats all of them, her said purpose should be to render Chainsaw Guy below their handle, playing with his capacity to carry out an enthusiastic “ideal” globe instead worries, if in case she does not, end up being consumed. by the Chainsaw People, exactly who states it would be an enthusiastic award is an associate from it. However, Makima’s genuine unstated goal was to end up being to one another permanently which have Pochita and you can head a pleasurable life with him, while the she constantly yearned for something such as a household, because of being unable to form equivalent matchmaking with folks including him.